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Forum Index issue (like so many others it seems)

  • bleec


    I’ve been reading other posts, and replies, but nothing seems to be working for me.
    It seems like it’s an ongoing issue, so posting a new topic is my last resort.

    My website is:

    I have created a forum page within wordpress called “chat”:

    I have added the bbpress shortcode to display the bbpress forums here. That works fine.

    However when I click on anything that takes me 1 level deeper into the forums, the URL changes.
    For example… If I click on a sub-forum (using this website it would be like clicking on “Development & Updates” over on the left menu)… the Url changes to:

    I want the …au/forum… to be be …au/chat/… so it remains consistent with the page I created in wordpress and where i added the shortcode. Otherwise what’s the point?? So is the shortcode just showing the forums, but not actually the forums? I want the ACTUAL forums to be placed using this shortcode – that’s what I thought it would do.

    That’s my main gripe. Please tell me there’s a workaround so the URL stays the same?

    In addition to that… when you click on a created post within a forum (like when you clicked to open my post), the URL is:

    That doesn’t seem to be consistent either?
    I would think it should be:

    I hope I’m missing something and this can be resolved. Happy to listen to any advice. Thanks in advance.

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  • Robin W


    on your first problem, try

    dashboard>settings>forums>forum root slug>forum root and change that to chat

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