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Forum Index Doesn't Actually Look Like A Forum At All?

  • mgoon11


    Hello, I’m building a website with forums at . However, I’m having trouble understanding why it looks the way it does? I thought it would look like you know, an actual forum with the various forums and sub-forums in a “tree-like” format etc. I’m confused as to how to make it look an operate that way instead of the way it is currently with this weird “archive” format. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Btw, I just created the page with the default “forums” slug and I’ve tried the shortcode too with same results – I just have no idea why it looks the way it does.

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  • Tecca


    This is the way that bbPress is; you’d need to make your own theme if you want it to have a forum hierarchy. This is a feature that is being added in the future, however.



    oh okay sorry, I thought it would at least have some sort of hierarchy in default (I’ve seen instructional videos where it had that “tree” format but I guess now it was just the particular theme) That’s good to hear that they’re working on it, but I would need to get some sort of structure now. Can you point me in the direction, if any, to try and customize the theme to have some sort of structure for the forums? As of now, google isn’t exactly working for me, I’ve searched for things pertaining to this, and I only posted in these forums after i could not find what I was looking for.



    basically, also what things would I have to attempt to edit

    Stephen Edgar


    Adjust your Forum attributes. These are:
    Types: choose whether you are creating a Forum or category.
    Forum – can contain topics and be the parent of other forums.
    Category – can only contain forums (no topics). Use for organizing your forums.

    You may, for example, have a Category “Open Source Software” with the Forums “bbPress” and “WordPress”.

    Parent: Forums can have a hierarchical structure. If your forum is a sub-forum of another Forum or is the child of a category, add the Parent here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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