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Forum icons for new posts

  • Hello

    I’m new in bbpress and I don’t find how to know if there are a new post when I go to my forum page.

    In other forum there are icon who say it’s new posts or it ‘s a new reply.

    How can I do it with bbpress ? plz

    PS: excuse my bad english I ‘m french.

    PS2; I can’t reset my password with my first account too* (Nirzol) so I create a new one Nirzol1

    EDIT : Same for sticky, there are no icons ? How people know is a sticky ? Or perhaps I do something wrong ? need help.

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  • Maybe I’m not in the good forum ?



    You could always use a custom Page for your forum homepage. On that page you can use shortcodes in order to display the most recent posts if you like.



    Just an idea.

    OK i will try this.

    And with a custom page I can have a specific sidebar for forum too isn’t it ?

    Because with the standar installation I can’t make a sidebar just for forum

    An other questions : no way too have icons before each topics or categorie forum? (like phpbb ?) to notice read / unread posts ? or new posts?

    Maybe with a class in html and with css ?

    thx anointed



    For sidebars you need to look into using either widget logic plugins, or simply creating your own child theme and inserting a bbPress sidebar instead of the default one. Not to hard to do, but way more involved than I care to try and answer in a post.

    There are a number of classes in the code for the posts such as sticky, super-sticky, etc, but there are currently no classes or functions for determining if the user has read a topic or not.

    Believe it or not, that type of functionality is very intensive. Imagine a board with 50k members and millions of posts. Trying to keep track of exactly what posts each user has seen and has not seen really fills the db up very fast.

    Now this is possible of course with plugin territory so it is possible as most forums do this. I can say though, I personally at least am glad it is not in the core as I do NOT want that kind of overhead for my rather large forums. Also considering I have friends whose forums are 10x my size, I can only imagine the nightmare.

    Ok thx a lot for this informations. I understand and I ‘m ok with what you say :)

    I try a lot of thing, first I created a forum.php who overwrite the template and with that I can remove sidebar or make a specific sidebar.

    I remove the sidebar for a full width page, and make 2 div with float properties to have on the left [bbp-forum-index]] and on the right bbp-topic-index

    But it was not exactly what I want because when I click on a forum this positionning disapear.

    So I do more simply, just a custom page like you said me before with default template of my theme (content + sidebar)

    And put bbpress widget in the sidebar and for moment it’s a quite good.

    I use widget logic, but !!!!! I nearly killed me !!!!!… LOL to find the good conditional . I find this good post –> .

    Maybe a bug ? or something I do wrong but !bbp_is_forum() not work. I use :

    !(is_post_type_archive( ‘forum’ ) || is_singular( array( ‘forum’, ‘topic’, ‘reply’ ) ))

    It will be best if “last Topic widget” have more “design” like the column ‘topic’ when I use bbp-topic-index with the poster name and the category

    The same for “forum list widget”, it’s just .. a list :p with no indentation and with the “any” option, it’s difficult to understand all. Perhaps a pagetree ? or something else.

    I begin to use bbpress hope it wil be best ^^. Thx

    PS: excuse me for bad english , I ‘m french

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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