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Forum Home Permalink Incorrect?

  • We’re using WordPress 3.2.1, BuddyPress 1.5, and bbPress 2.0 and seem to have run across an issue with the forum home permalink not being correctly set, or so it seems. Perhaps I’m missing something :). Any help is greatly appreciated!

    The Code

    We’re attempting to simply output the basename of the permalink and use that in an IF/ELSE statement using the following to generate:


    $gettheslug = basename(get_permalink());


    The Problem

    For the purpose of this post, we’ll say that we have bbPress set to http://site.ext/community/. We need to grab ‘community’ from the URL, which is what the code above ‘should’ do, but doesn’t. Instead, it’s grabbing the basename for the last forum we created and continues to update as we create new forums/categories.

    To get the basename, we’ve simply echo’ed out $gettheslug in the header. This works for all other areas of the website, except with the bbPress portion which is what’s so confusing :).

    Perhaps we’re doing something wrong, perhaps I’m doing something wrong. As above, any help is much appreciated.

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