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forum group visibility

  • blueonit


    Hello Im working on a site with buddypress 1.9.1, wordpress 2.8.1 and bbpress 2.5.1

    I have several groups with their own forums, the problem is, the groups AND the forums are to be hidden, if you are in, you know, if you arent, you dont have to even know it.
    As an example:
    User 1 can view forum A
    user 2 can view forum A and B
    User 3 can view forum B

    But there seems to be no way to make it work, if i set it to hidden, then even the group users cant view it, and on private, is viewed by all members, even if not accesed…

    using moderator is out of question, those are two different things, and anyway, being moderator doesnt resolve, as it gives you visibility of all forums.

    Any help┬┐

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