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Forum Freshness all wrong

  • 7u9000


    Hi all,

    Already a couple of times, the freshness column on my forums got scrambled when I moved topics around. The issue resolved itself temporarily when I upgraded to 2.5.8-5815.

    But when I moved other misplaced topics, same thing again.

    I’ve tried everything, from using the repair tools, one by one, multiple times, to deactivating all other plugins. I’m on shared hosting with godaddy, so clearing the cache is impossible. I did, however, stop all php proceses, which they claim to be as effective as “they don’t really store any cache” (?).

    I even installed the 2.6 alpha, much to the same result.

    Please help!


    PS. My forum is behind a paywall and Wishlist Member, so hard to show you…

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  • 7u9000


    What i’ve done, as a temporary measure, is to remove the freshness column altogether using css, to not make it seem like the last topic is 4 months old.

    But this does not really solve it, as new topics are hard to find, for me and my users.

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