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Forum formatting issues help please!

  • savvyesposito


    So I installed bbpress and have memberpress.

    I set up the forum with a test forum.

    I went to my website, saw the forum, with the Test forum. All looked well. I click on the Test Forum and then the formatting fell apart. It was as if it was a post.

    “Home › Forums › Test Subscribe This forum is empty. Oh bother! No topics were found here! Create New Topic in “Test” Your account has the ability to post unrestricted HTML content. Topic Title (Maximum Length: 80): Topic Tags: Topic Type: Normal Sticky Super Sticky Topic Status: Open Closed Spam Trash Pending Notify me of …” That is what it looked like… so.. not sure how to fix that or what to do.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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