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Forum directory display problem

  • permintegral


    Hi, we have a problem with our forum directory. With the admin user I can see listed all forums on the forums directory page but with a participant user I can see only the forums I have subscribed to on the forum directory.
    I couldn’t find any setting limiting users to only see some forums on the directory page.

    The following screenshots are taken from the same url, one with admin user and the other with participant user. (with admin) (with participant access)

    Forum url:
    I’m using the last bbpress plugin version. All forums shown on admin screenshot are marked as “open” and “public”.

    Any help please.

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  • permintegral


    Anyone on this please?

    Robin W


    it could be a theme or plugin issue


    As a test switch to a default theme such as twentyfifteen, and see if this fixes.


    If that doesn’t work, also deactivate all plugins apart from bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.

    If you cannot do this to your site (say because it is live) then use the ‘troubleshooting’ features of this plugin to let you test without affecting other users

    Health Check & Troubleshooting

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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