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Forum Description not Visible

  • rdcurbow


    I’m new to bbPress so please excuse what has been asked before, but a lot of the answers seem obsolete.

    I’ve created several forums, with descriptions yet the descriptions never appear when a user views the forum. Various article I’ve read here suggest you have to go edit “your functions file” (see but when I search for bbpress.php, forum.php, etc. I can’t find them. There’s nothing under wp-content/themes/astra or anywhere else I can find. Anyone got any hints?

    It’s frustrating that so much of the documentation on bbPress seems to have been written years ago and not necessarily updated as changes have been made.

    My site is – but the forums are only visible to logged in users.
    I’m running WP 5.7.2 and bbPress 2.6.6

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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