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  • justinheron


    Hi Guys

    I know WordPress to a reasonable level but am completely new to forum building and BBPress. I am hoping my question has a simple answer and is probably me missing something very simple.

    I have set up the forum for a charity I am working with, its installed fine and we have some test topics up and running. No problems.

    The installation provides me with a forum address of which is fine.

    All I want to do is basically add some notes/welcome message and an image just above where the forum starts but I dont seem to be able to do it. When I go into my form and add in text or an image, in the same way you would add to a page/post then save it, nothing appears?

    Any ideas at all how I can achieve this? Should this be happening in the way that it is?

    Many thanks!


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    I have the same problem. It looks like one can type some context for the posts, but that information doesn’t show up in the forum…


    Hah! Now I see it. The information posts on one level up from the posts themselves – where all the forum topics are listed. This is where you select the forum you want to enter. It doesn’t show up on the page where the posts appear.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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