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Forum and content missing after update 2.5.12

  • PWDEV66


    I recently updated WordPress and BBPress. Everything appeared to be in good shape last Friday but today the categories for the forum show on the main menu but the forum and all the related content are missing. I can see that the plugin is active but I do not see it in the WP admin. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Wordpress 4.7
    BBPress 2.5.12
    website – custom theme usign Bootstrap

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  • I can see topics here

    Is that correct?

    Can you also try disabling all your other active plugins, does that fix the issue?

    If so re-activate the plugins one by one to determine if it bbPress 2.5.12 is conflicting with another plugin.



    Correct, the forum topics are mostly set to private but “job-listing” was public. Somehow in the last update all roles were switched to “blocked” and my role as keymaster also switched to “blocked”. I am figuring out a way to safely switch me back to “keymaster” and unblocking all the members.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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