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Formatting Category & Subforum margins on front page

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    Using a heavily-customized theme of Options 0.1 Alpha (Dark) by Justin Tadlock (

    As you can see on my site, the categories (e.g. GLOBAL TRENDS) are automatically on the same margin as their subforums (World Economy; Politics, Society and Demography; Resource Depletion; etc). This means that at first glance it is not clear that they are, in fact, categories, not forums.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell or give a hint as to how I could make it so that the Subforums are positioned to the right of the Categories they are a part of, such as is the case at Simon & Schuster Forums (

    Thanks in advance and Best.

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  • chrishajer


    What version of bbPress are you running? The 1.0 version has some classes that you seem to be missing there. I don’t have a 0.9 version installed with categories to check this out.

    This would get you close, at the bottom of your style.css, but it’s not quite right – it spaces all the table data cells over. You just want the first ‘column’ over, the forum category.

    .bb-root td {
    padding-left: 2.5em;;

    I didn’t think the older version had forums as categories – are you using a plugin for that, or are you using 1.0 and just missing some classes for your theme? Maybe that theme was for 0.9 and is missing the markup for 1.0.

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