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Formatting 101: How to Remove Stuff?

  • I have a bbpress (classic) install with WP deep integration, and figured I’d get a head start on formatting my test install for the eventual release of the plug in. So far I’ve got almost everything styled nicely just using CSS, but I’m stuck on removing a few things that seem to clutter up the presentation of the forum.

    1. Does anyone know how to remove the “This forum contains X topics and X replies, and was last updated…” from the main Forum and topic pages?

    2. How about how to remove the modification history section and the post # display from posts.

    3. Remove the extraneous breadcrumbing, right now it’s Site>Forums>Forum as the default ‘Forum” page. Seems like one level too deep for default bbpress forum starting point. SInce my site will only have 1 forum, is there a way to clean up the sloppiness or at least hide the useless ‘Forums’ link in the breadcrumb?

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    for main forum, edit single-forum.php file to remove

    <?php do_action( 'bbp_template_notices' ); ?>

    do the same thing for single-topic.php

    ***I am assuming you are using your own theme and are not editing the original bbpress files, but rather the files you add to your own theme.


    sorry, I have not yet dug through the core enough to answer this one. I’m guessing you can pass an argument to the topic output, but can’t say for sure.


    You will need to modify a ton of templates to do this one.

    basically you are looking for:

    <?php bbp_breadcrumb(); ?>

    and replacing it with:

    <?php bbp_breadcrumb( array('include_home' => false, 'include_root' => false) ); ?>

    That basically says: do not print the ‘home’ link, and do not print the ‘forums’ link before the single forum link.

    include_home = ‘home’

    include_root = ‘forums’

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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