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Form with Fields within forum

  • eonelson


    I want to be able to have a form template that shows up when someone goes to post in a forum. i.e. I have a form for businesses to post if they have plants available. Instead of typing out the information in the forum, I would like a form to show up so they can just do drop downs or fill in the blanks.

    I’ve read lots of information, but some is a bit over my head so I’m not sure if I have found anything that will do this EASILY. I am not a coder, and do not feel comfortable editing code.

    Can a form be built in something like contact form 7 and then shortcoded in? I tried what I thought was that, and it didn’t work and not sure how to figure out what else to do.

    Thank you for all suggestions.

    Using WP 3.5.2, BBPress, 2.3.2 I don’t have a site that has anything to look at yet – just practicing for now.



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