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Force users to choose forum?

  • blogher8


    Hi All,

    I have searched but can’t find any discussions on this.

    I want to force users to select a forum when they start a new topic. I am hoping for something like this: if they do not drop down to a forum, the topic will not post and they are given a warning that they must select one.

    At the moment, most people on my forum don’t bother, and they go into the default (i.e. incorrect) forum.

    I should note that I can’t write a plugin or write code, so the more specific directions, the better.

    I am hoping to upgrade soon, but for now am on 9.0.4.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • JijOnline


    So has anyone solved this? I would like to remove the “no forum” option when users post a new topic.

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