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Force new version of bbpress child theme CSS

  • rewindcaz


    I use a bbpress child theme CSS in my theme folder (/myTheme/css/bbpress.css), and it works just great. However, typically when I need to force visitors to re-download a css file, I do the common strategy of just adding a “?newversion” (or random text/number) at the end of the file name, like:

    `link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/stylesheet.css?NEWVERSION1″ type=”text/css” `

    However, since the child theme is being output through wp_head();, I have no way of doing this. Is there a way I can force visitors to reload this bbp child theme? Worst case scenario would be finding which bbPress file is hooking the child theme into wp_head, and me having to write in the “?newversion” in there. But I’ve no idea what file that would be.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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