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  • I love the plugins folks have created, and would like to try creating a simple one of my own. Thing is, I have no idea what functions calls are available in bbPress, and can’t find any documentation. Is there a list of function names and parameters somewhere, or do I have to trawl through a thousand files and learn the hard way..?

    As an aside, I’ve noticed a couple of comments regarding using bbPress stand-alone. I do for my clients, and myself. Never installed WordPress, and don’t need it. In their working world, WordPress is little different to static web pages. bbPress, on the other hand, invites comments and discussion, which is what they need.

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  • I think the latest .9 version is

    The only list of function names that I know of was pulled together by _ck_:

    Hi johnhiler. Guess we’re on the same side of the ponds, or you don’t sleep..?

    We’re up to now, but thanks for the pointer to _ck_’s reference pages. Mind you, seems to be just database info. What I’m after is Function_Blah(a, b, c) does such and such a thing…

    You can find basic action/filter hook inside pluggable.php and template-functions.php

    And for function that not need any action/filter hook, u need to create it by imagination :)

    Thanks Atsutane.



    I had started to write my own xref type of code to show how bbPress worked with a function reference and a action/filter reference but I never finished it.

    But you can use grep to grab a list of all the function names and all the actions/filters.

    Some people have run bbpress through phpxref and you can find that around the web via google, I don’t find such listings helpful myself though.

    Thanks _ck_, I’ll have a look sometime soon. I’m unlikely to produce anything very useful in the foreseeable future, but would like to start getting to grips with things and understand more as I go.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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