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Follow-up emails not working

  • johntug


    Hi Good afternoon ….

    I can see that this was a question before …. I have the same issue. I am a newbie to WP and bbPress.

    This is clean WP install using Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin and Advantage theme running bbPress. No modifications. with bbPress style pack, Akismet Anti-Spam and using Easy WP SMTP for emails.

    As administrator I get email notifications for new subscribers and for change of password requests so the email function is working.

    I have set up a test user and some posts making sure the “notify me of follow-up replies by email” is checked then as the administrator have replied to the post. My test user is not getting any notifications.

    Is there something I am missing that needs setting up or altering to send the reply notifications?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Alpo


    I have the same issue. For some reason follow-up notifications does not work…

    Any ideas?

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