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Fix avatar overlays in bbPress posts

  • stanislavozernyi


    We have some custom code in the mu-customisations plugin which filters bp_core_fetch_avatar to add a variety of little image overlays to the user’s avatar (e.g. instrument icon, “Team” logo). (mu_add_overlays_to_avatar() in mu-buddypress.php)

    This has been working fine throughout the site, but as of today (I suspect with the upgrade of BuddyPress from 2.8.2 to 4.2.0) it no longer works in bbPress discussions.

    It does still work correctly in BuddyPress content, e.g. the “login widget” at the top of the sidebar with the user’s own avatar, the activity feed in the sidebar, member profile pages. But in the author info in bbPress discussion posts, the overlays are no longer appearing.

    Could you please look into what might have changed here, and why the bbPress template for showing the author avatar seems to no longer be affected by our mu_add_overlays_to_avatar filter? Thanks!

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  • antonv


    I generally de-prioritize my custom actions and filters to priority 1000.

    That way they are last after all others had their turn.

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