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Filtering New Topic Status – Update Request

  • robcruiz


    Would it be possible to add a filter to the function that determines the status of a new topic? I understand there is some moderation in place using the word list, topic duplicate, user blacklist, etc. However, I currently have the need to determine the status based on user role. We want all admins and editors to show topics immediately after creation, however, we want subscribers to be set as pending so we can proactively moderate topics (not necessarily replies).

    I have added a filter in the core code in order to achieve this. I was wondering if this change could be added to future versions of bbPress. The change is in bbpress>inclues>topics>functions around line 287. It looks like this:

    /** Filter Topic Status ***************************************************/
    $new_topic_args = array($anonymous_data, $topic_author, $topic_title, $topic_content);
    $topic_status = apply_filters('bbp_new_topic_status', $topic_status, $new_topic_args);

    Please let me know whether or not this will be implemented, so I know whether or not to update the plugin.


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  • robcruiz


    Has anyone from bbPress seen this yet? Some kind of response would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Robin W


    Perhaps this plugin will help

    bbPress Moderation

    Devs are busy with version 2.6 at the mo, so suspect any new requests are not being looked at.



    Never mind, there is already another filter there. SMH. Not sure how I missed that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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