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Filter topics by user in WP admin

  • DeepBlue



    In WP dashboard when viewing topics i would like to be able to filter by user

    why user is not clickable so that i could easily filter by user ? and see their list of topics, and be able to quickly review them from the WP dashboard (same thing for replies)

    thank you

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  • Robin W


    I’ve added a filter to forums, topics and replies in style pack 5.1.9 see sundry item 2



    Hi Robin

    Oh great nice 🙂

    i tested it, good to have the counts on users list

    on topics and replies dashboard pages, i can see the author filter, but actually when you have + 100K members a dropdown list might not be the right choice (it’s ok when limited options like 20) or am i missing something ?

    In the forums dashboard page, when i click directly on a user link in the forums lists, then it automatically filters to show only the forums that have been created by this user

    would it be possible to do the same for topics and replies dashboard pages ? i am ok for a paid job of course

    Let me know that would be a great addition to bbp style pack 🙂

    Thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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