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Few stuff need to sort out on the theme

  • minervaa


    Hi all,

    I am kind of stuck with few things while I am customising hybrid theme.

    1. How can I disable hyperlinks from the posts? I mean if someone post a link they will become a text.

    2. How can I change “Favorite” spelling from the users profile pages? Mind you there are more than one “favorites”

    3. Why the RSS in the forum isn’t working?

    Really appreciate your replies.


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  • faris226


    Hybrid themes are really unique and are amazingly hard to modify on a regular basis or cutomize .
    The problem is that usually when you customize a hybrid theme it does modify however some or even many as i have experienced in the past years fail to work .this is exactly what has happened with you .
    1) there is a script that you need to merge into the hyperlinks or the source of the page for you to automatically disable them . the script with make all the links inactive . i will PM you the script
    2) there is a script for this aswell which i will also pm you however be carefull that it will modify each and every “favourite” in the context of the source
    3)To be honest im yet to experience this problem so really im not sure of why it isnt working

    I have gained much of this experience working for an popup displays advertising company. worked with them for about 15 years but now i have switched to a bank due to financial constraints . love helping people as i was once in the same boat . However i will ask a colleague if he can answer your third question . Sorry about telling you the story of my life i was really bored .

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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