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Few Questions – Trouble with forum categories

  • hiboy


    I created a main “category” type, parent a “forum” type to it and when user post to the “forum” type, it lead to a “topic” type page.

    I use widget logic plugin to show widget to the sidebar. I have a issue here, using is_single(), the widget show on both wordpress single post page and “topic” type single page, what logic should i use to show only on the “topic” type single page?

    Another issue, secondly, i use Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons plugin to show share button on my wordpress single post page, but the share button also appear in the parent “forum” type each individual “forum” type. Any solution?

    Thirdly, how to move topic? possible in the frontend? cause my option only have | Edit | Close | Stick (to front) | Merge | Trash | Spam for the first post

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