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Feedback: BBpress Lite & BBpress

  • Why not call v0.9 “BBpress Lite v0.9″and call 1.0+ just BBpress (or BBpress Full v1.0.3)? or something in that nature

    When you come first to this site you see the two versions. Most of us I think pick the higher version not thinking about the other. Some of us (the people who understands bbpress better as a stand alone) prefer 0.9 version still after the “higher” version came out.

    The reason is not to confuse the new users that 0.9 is not a lesser version or that 1.0 is a more updated version. What I’ve read the two version are different enough to continue it’s own path. and it shows because you’re asking for users to test the new .9 version. “call for testers on the 0.9 branch and 1.0 trunk” If I wasn’t around for a couple of years I would think 1.0 is more stable than 0.9.

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  • Ah interesting gerikg!

    If 0.9 is Lite and 1.0 is Full… wouldn’t most people want the Full version? I guess I’m not sure why 0.9 is Lite and 1.0 is Full…

    Someone suggested once that bbPress 0.9 should’ve been named bbPress 1.0… and bbPress 1.0 should have been released as bbPress 1.7 or something. That sounds about right to me…

    yeah but putting the same name on two “different” product is confusing. It can be called something else rather than lite, the reason I said it is because I think someone said that .9 is almost half the size of 1.0+

    Olaf Lederer


    I used the 0.9 branch until version 1.02 got released. While there are not so much reasons to upgrade from 0.9 to 1.02, people should always use latest versions. Why should I start with an older version?

    makes no sense…

    Olaf – The big reasons for me to stay on the older version are:

    * Many plugins work on 0.9 but aren’t compatible with 1.0.

    * 0.9 is really stable and battle-tested, while 1.0 is just a few months old.

    * 0.9 is very fast, but 1.0 has a lot more overhead (like BackPress) which slows it down considerably.

    It’s really a decision that each webmaster has to make for themselves!

    In my case, I’m sticking with 0.9… but I recognize that as time goes on and 1.0 matures, the upgrade will become more compelling for me! But YMMV…

    Olaf just proved my point.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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