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Feed in Netvibes, how fast the update?

  • boomanfloral


    I just installed bbpress :) and I have a feed of my forum in my netvibes page, but it does not seem to ‘refresh’?

    My quesiton is: How fast does the netvibes page should ‘notice’ that I posted a new post in my forum? Is there something I should look into? I think it should be ‘noticed’ at once. Right?

    Many thanks!


    Update => It was just published in my netvibes page… that was after like 50 mins!! And I hit ‘refresh’ in the netvibes feed. :( Is this normal?

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  • It is all program related. I would check if there is a setting to change this to a quicker time. I have this issue with Google Reader and other feed readers as well. Rest assured, the feed is instantly updated and you can check this by going to the feed yourself in a web browser.


    Yeah, netvibes only checks for an update in the feed occasionally. Web readers are annoying like that, but also annoyingly useful on account of the notifications etc. :P

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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