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Feature Request – Subscribe to Selected Forums

  • xmasons


    This is a plugin request and I wouldn’t assume that it be rolled into bbPress proper.

    A highly prized feature of allowing users to subscribe to sub-forums (via their account page) and be sent notifications (excerpts or full) of a new topic or reply. There are several plugins that capture parts of this, some quite close, but none that have the full functionality.

    bbPress Notify
    Works great at sending out customized emails at a user role level. But it’s an all or nothing solution and does not let the user pick the subforums they’re interested in.

    bbPress Digest
    Does a great job on letting the user select the sub-forums (from the user’s account) that they’d like to receive notifications from. Sadly, it’s only a weekly or daily digest.

    Marrying those two plugins would produce a wonderful hybrid and would take some doing. I’m a little surprised that this feature has not been created yet, as it is used in several other forum software ecosystems.

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