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Feature request – "Reply" button in every post

  • kriskl


    hi, I am sure, I am not the only one, but I do think ‘Reply” button (and maybe also “quote” button should be added by defult in every post, so users do not have to go to the bottom of the page to reply to given topic,

    threaded comments are available in WordPress and it is great feature, so I think it should be nr1 new feature in bbpress 2.2

    it is especially useful when replies to a topic take more than one page… especially for new users who never used bbpress.. but different forum software, this would be really great

    we are using buddypress forums (after moving from phpbb, and the number of replies is now dramatically lower, because users can’t always find an easy way to reply.. and just give up…

    and considering that forums are normally used for “support” – volunteers who would like to reply just give up! 🙁

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  • DNBrawler


    Easy.Download a plugin called GD BBpress Tools. It will add a quote link to every post, when clicked it will send the user to the bottom of the page to reply to the post.



    hi,it is a ‘work around’ sure,

    but ideally, it would be great to have it built in, and if the reply ‘opened’ reply window below the post, and the answer went straight under this post – like threaded comments do in wordpress



    I agree. In fact GD BBpress Tools doesn’t work very well. It doesn’t add a quote link to every post, only selected posts, and I have no idea why.
    In any case…quoting replies is really a basic function of any forum.
    Hope to see it in the upcoming versions.

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