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Favorites page returning profile-page?

  • Mark



    Even though by technicality you are on your profile page, when I’m viewing my ‘manage favorites’ page (bb-templates/blah/favorites.php) I’m getting ‘profile-page’ returned by bb_get_location() instead of ‘favorites-page’ as I would expect. This also means bb_is_favorites() is of no use to me for this page. :(

    If that’s not the favorites page, what is?

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  • /profile.php?id=XX&tab=favorites



    That was kind of rhetorical in nature. I know how to get to the favorites page (by the by, mine is /profile/XX/favorites… permalinks are our friend). The problem is that bb_get_location() on the favorites page returns the location as being ‘profile-page’, not ‘favorites-page’ as you would expect.

    By proxy, I wonder if /favorites.php is still being used by bbPress or if it’s just legacy from 0.9 and all the favorites are being managed by /profile.php now. If that’s the case, bb_get_location() might need to be updated to use another method of determining what page the viewer is actually on.

    I ran into this bug today! Just a note that favorites.php is used to create favorite pages in bbPress v1 too

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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