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Fatal Error! Help

  • Hello, I just tried installing BBPress to my blog and upon activation I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_core_add_nav_item() in /home/content/14/4457114/html/wp-content/plugins/group-forum-subscription-for-buddypress/bp-group-forum-subscription.php on line 500

    I can’t even get into the admin and if i go to the site it give me the same message…how do I fix this?

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  • chrishajer


    Looks like that’s a WordPress plugin for BuddyPress? Not much to do with bbPress unless I’m missing something in that message. I would ask at the BuddyPress forums or for support from that plugin author.

    Thanks…do you kknow if I can fix this problem by going to my FTP site and deleing the plugin?



    Hi Quicktipz,

    I’d strongly suggest asking htis over at the buddyPress forums as they’ll have more chance of knowing the answer. Don’t delete the plugin yet (not as a first step anyway). Log into WordPress and de-activate it first.

    If you’re trying to install bbPress or BuddyPress with your wordpress install?

    ( in know it gets confusing)

    I would if I could….but I can’t even login to my WP admin. I will head over there as well….just thought you might be able to help me too :)



    The other thing you could do, and the people at BuddyPress will be able to direct you to this, is to de-activate the plugin directly from the database via something like phpmyadmin.

    Realistically though, my biggest bit of advice is not to do things like this on a live production site. Test test and test again :)

    Take care and good luck

    thx…for the advice.


    why u forcing on deactivating a plugin first before deleting it?



    WordPress has a tendancy to throw a it’s toys out of the pram if it has an activated plugin that isn’t there.

    BuddyPress is quite an intricate setup, and randomly deleting stuff won’t really solve the issues. Given that this wasn’t tested on anything but a live site, deleting things from a live production site when you don’t know whats going on is not a great idea :)

    That’s not to say it couldn’t work though :)


    I didn’t understand. If something can happen like things going out of sync a bit, then it will happen with both WP & BP. Whats the point that WP can and BP can’t?



    Morning matey,

    The issue quiktipz is having is that a wordpress plugin is causing a fatal error. Deleting this plugin will effectively ignore that error but will create another one with in wordpress. And it’s not solving the issue at hand :)

    For new users, quick fixes like this usually end up in hours of following the rabbit down the hole and not solving the original issue.

    I am afraid that I still didn’t get the point :/

    I mean how? Any examples?



    just rename the plugin folder and you will be able to enter the wp admin, as renaming will automatically deactivate the plugin :)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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