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Fancy Editor not Working

  • Spudnic


    I am currently creating my first wordpress theme. I want it to be compatible and work with bbpress, but i’m running into some snags.

    First off, I would like the “fancy editor” or “visual editor” to be available to users replying to and creating forum topics. But the Visual editor does not work, you cannot click on its tab to switch to it, you are forced to use the html editor. I do have the fancy editor option enabled in the bbpress options.

    When i activate the twenty ten theme the Fancy Editor works as intended. But not with my theme im developing.

    Is the a theme option, or theme support I need to include in my functions.php to get the fancy editor to work?


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  • It should work, provided that you are not doing any funny stuff with jQuery (like loading manually in your theme or something like that).



    Seeing as i am novice in my theme development skills, i had included Enque_Scripts in my functions.php. I was not aware that wp_footer(); included the standard jQuery.

    After using i believe it was deQue_Scripts() or unQue_Scripts() in my funciton.php i realized i could just remove the Enque_Scripts() and let the wp_footer() do it.

    So lesson learned.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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