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Fancy Editor–links don't work, and a few other problems

  • Starejosel


    bbPress 2.1 brought the fancy editor to topics and replies, which is great, but the link function is broken. In the Visual tab, if you click it, it does nothing. In the HTML tab, it generates invalid code that disappears if you switch to the Visual tab. The code it generates is, e.g.,

    <a href="" title="Link"></a>

    instead of

    <a href=""> Link </a>

    There are a couple of other problems–can one set the Visual tab to be the default? I am sure that many users would appreciate that. Also, in Visual mode, a return inserts an extra line–can one turn that off? For my purposes (posting poetry) that is a real killer.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Starejosel


    I talked to a local WP expert and found out that I was misusing “link”; a newbie mistake.

    For other newbies: I thought that “title” was the text that the link should display; it is not. You type the text, select it and click on “link”; then you enter the url, and an optional title, and all is well.

    Sorry for my ignorance.


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