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    The following might help you as a checklist to narrow down and find the best groupon clone script available today in market with all the latest versions and features for different platforms. Today after so many innovations in the web and mobile applications development, it is difficult to achieve business amidst the growing competition, with just an efficient group buying website.

    The latest additives that provided by competitors who are striving to provide the best clone script are:

    Facebook App For Group Buying: Facebook is the best tool for viral marketing of your business today. The foremost advantage is that it helps to market every single deal pretty faster than we could do with a separate website. Hardly one or two providers have released a dedicated script to launch your group buying business as a complete, end-end Facebook app which possesses all the essential features to facilitate the viewing and buying of deals without the necessity to log into the actual website.

    The tremendous rise in the users’ population of smartphones has

    led the new steppers to demand for the best groupon clone script

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    for smartphones too.

    Iphone app: The most reputed Apple iPhone has attracted a very significant population in the smart phone sector and hence it is an inevitable idea to launch your deal site as a iPhone app.

    Android app: This successful OS is one of the top competitors today which threatens the other smart phone OS in scoring. A few quality group business scripts have been released for the Android OS such as this one:

    Extension for internet browser (chrome)

    This is a very cool additive that almost any good quality group buying clone script would have, which can be easily installed in the chrome browser and with which users could easily view the latest deals, in just a drop down box. In fact this comes as a free download from this link:

    Barcode scanning This traditional retail method is currently the much spoken about special feature in the apps. For the customers who buy deals from your website, you can give a unique QR code which they can show to the merchant and by scanning it the merchant can access the status of the coupon.

    Refer A Friend – In all business models this ‘Refer A Friend’ option has been a very successful strategy since it almost doubles the probability of gaining a new customer (through an already existing customer).

    Merchant Login – This lets the merchants who use your group buy website to post deals and achieve business, to have a separate login for themselves through which they could modify vital settings, add photos or video to each deal, history of deals, etc.

    And most of the new steppers are turning towards Contus Support: since they are considered to be one of the providers for best group buy site script with the advantages of: flexibility, big list of essential features, different packages, post sales support and their pioneering into mobile apps for group buying .

    Making money on Facebook is literally the talk of the town. Since people have discovered that Facebook is not only a place for entertainment but also a killer business platform, there’s ain’t no rest for the developers. But how in the world is it possible to earn money on FB? People hang out there to have some fun, not to spend some bucks after all… This fact turns making money on Facebook into a very hectic task.

    Lots of Facebook apps were created within the last several years. All of them use some tricky idea that is targeted on attracting users’ attention and thus making money. Facebook Voting Engine is probably one of the most efficient scripts among the latest Facebook solutions. This script will help you to monetize the most popular social networking website. Voting Engine proposes users to vote for something or someone by liking it.

    The trick that underlies this script is very simple: people vote for something and automatically share the information about this voting with each and every friend on Facebook. So, you can buy this script and create your own votings. It’s not only a good way to make money out of Facebook, but also a lot of fun, especially if you have a healthy amount of criticism and able to create witty and funny contests. And people on FB don’t take it as spam, or annoying banners, or obnoxious hyping. For them it is just another funky stuff to kill time on Facebook. It takes them 1 minute to click “Like” button in the contest like Brad Pitt vs Johnny Depp, or Naruto vs Bleach. The more interesting contests you create the better your chances for success. A killer method!

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    Download Google Chrome

    Searching is fast and easy with Google’s web browser.Google/Chrome

    So, you can grab such Voting script and make your own contests. You just should select the candidates (up to 4), create slogans, upload pictures, and send it outta web space. Every time someone votes, his or her friends on Facebook receive a message (a template generated by you like “I voted for … Now it’s your turn!”) that informs them of this contest. What comes around goes around, and you can make it really viral in as little as two weeks!

    Thus, making money on Facebook is not all about hard and tedious work. Making money and having fun can be the synonyms when it comes to good Facebook script. Facebook Voting Engine is the best way to promote your website, get more traffic, and thus showcase your product or service in a flash. Some people say it’s difficult to succeed on FB.

    Is FB Cash Blueprint a scam? I am sure that you are already using Facebook for the purpose of social networking. This network is growing exponentially larger and larger every day, with more and more users starting to join and using it as a quick way to connect with everyone that they know.

    1. What is FB Cash Blueprint All About?

    Users can now set up videos, tell everyone what they have been up to and socialize from a single site. Even then, more uses such as e-commerce are being considered for addition by the owners of Facebook. With such huge potential power for it to become the biggest traffic source in the near future, anyone who wishes to earn a full time residual income needs to consider the strategies being offered in this Facebook marketing blueprint.

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    2. What Have I Learned from this Facebook Money Making Course?

    I have learned how to effectively tap into this huge traffic source of Facebook that already has gathered more than four hundred million users today. Statistics show that about half of these people log in to their accounts every day, which means that I have the potential to get repeat visits every day without having to put in extra work.

    3. Do the Methods In this Facebook Marketing Blueprint Really Work in the Long Run?

    Even though there is a serious downturn in the economy, you should understand that it is having no effect on web marketing and online sales. In fact, online sales have increased and FB Cash Blueprint provides me with the strategies for tapping into these sales to earn a living for myself. I am also glad that I have gotten in early and would expect it to become much more competitive within the next 5 years.

    4. Review of this Downloadable Package

    This entire package comes with high quality Facebook scripts, video tutorial packs and step by step instructional PDF guides that have taught thousands of users worldwide how to earn money with just their Facebook account and Internet connection.

    Are looking for the best Facebook Clone Software that is available?

    Well, do not buy anything until you read this review. It can be hard to figure out which software is the best for your needs with all the various options out there. That is why I took a detailed look at all the clone scripts that are available.

    The one script that has several good reviews and is very popular is PhpFox.

    Here are the features of PhpFox:

    It is a complete CMS which gives you full to change the software how you want

    It is easy to make money with, because the ability to add subscriptions, easy ads placement, and market place listings

    You can easily develop your own modules, so you can get it to do what you want with ease

    It comes with designed themes and styles that can changed with a click of a button to give your site a well established look

    Blogs for your users

    Users can easily upload multiple photos of different sizes and tag them

    Professional looking forums

    Video and music section that allows your users upload, share, and tag videos easily

    Your users can use a fun instant messenger with multiple features

    The script comes with search engine friendly urls

    Phpfox forum that is very active

    Many more features that are just too long to list

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    As you can see Phpfox comes with lots of features.

    It is really ten plus website scripts in one. Is it the Facebook Clone available? Well in my opinion it is. The company has been in business since 2005. It is being used by several large businesses. Their support forum is active with thousands of members that are willing to help and share how they had success with the script. If you buy any kind of website script make sure they have an active forum, because it will help you greatly with any problems that may occur.

    Facebook Scripts

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