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Facebook connect based on WP-facebookconnect

  • psycheangels


    last week i make a simple modification with wp-facebookconnect plugin by adam hump to work in bbpress. so here is the file

    this plugin is not recomended if you don’t understand php code, because the code from wordpress plugin still there. i have no time to clean it, if i got more time next week maybe i can update the feature to work like the real wp plugin. you can setting your api key and secret key in the admin panel

    feature :

    – Single-signon with your Facebook account <– fully working but still need some test (tested in 2 online site)

    – avatar <– not tested

    – Publish comments to the newsfeed <– not yet, maybe next week

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  • Dailytalker


    @psycheangels, I’ve installed your plugin on my bbpress-forum and it works fine. Many thanks to you.

    There is only one problem:

    bbpress only shows the Mistery Man standard avatar image for facebook-visitors. I would like to replace the Mistery Man avatar image with the facebook profil image of the facebook visitors. How can I do that?

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