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Experimenting with bb-cache

  • I’ve recently enabled the hard cache, to see how it handles on a test forum with only a few users. The first problem I’ve come across has been an error with $bb_cache->get_forums() – the array it was returning when cached was 0, instead of containing the forum ids.

    I fixed it by a simple reversal of the sections of code within the get_forums() function in cache.php:

    $forums = (array) $bbdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM $bbdb->forums $where ORDER BY forum_order");
    if ( $this->use_cache && $normal && $forums )
    $this->write_cache(BBPATH . 'bb-cache/bb_forums', $forums);

    $_forums = array();
    foreach ( $forums as $forum )
    $_forums[(int) $forum->forum_id] = $bb_forum_cache[(int) $forum->forum_id] = $forum;

    After reversing them (the above are their original positions), I then made sure the write cache line was using $_forums, instead of $forums.

    No idea if this may have other consequences I’ve yet to unearth, but I thought it may be worth noting here.

    I’ve also used the “load all options” function from wordpress as a basis for creating a global array containing all topicmeta options. By default (even with cache enabled, although maybe I’ve missed a setting), there were several calls to to topicmeta, whereas only one was really required.

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  • @Simon99

    What kind of success did you have with what you described?

    Ben L.


    $bb_cache has been deprecated since the first post in this topic was written. You’re not going to get anything from a $bb_cache->get_forums() fix, because it no longer exists.

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