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Existing users new topic slug is ?post_type=topic&p=xx

  • demonboy


    Got some strange permalink thing going on with existing users. They are all part of a private group as per Robin’s private group plugin. I created a new user to test and that user can post new topics as normal in the forum. However existing users, when they post a new topic, are creating topics with the ?post_type=topic&p=6609 type slug, not the pretty permalink.

    I have reset Permalinks under settings. I have tried changing them and then changing them back but this doesn’t seem to be relevant since new subscribers can post no problem.

    I checked the private group members and noticed that they had a couple of permissions set to ‘deny’ that the new user had set to ‘allow’. These included View Private Topic, but again this can’t be relevant as the forum is actually public. I have checked and double checked the differences between the existing forum members and the new forum member and they are now the same, but the existing users can still not post creating the pretty permalink.

    Any clues/pointers/checks?

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  • demonboy


    Further info: I just logged in as the problem user and successfully created a new topic in the private group forum without issue. I’ve asked him to try it again and, if still having problems, to clear the cache in his browser. Odd that I can post logged in as him but he can’t. Is that likely to be a cache thing, especially as I’ve been making changes to the site all day?

    Robin W


    quite probably – it’s a computer so unfathomable !



    OK, another problem created by my own stupidity and solved quite simply. However I will say this brings up an area for bbpress to address somewhere down the line.

    Quite simply the person was a new user and their first post was going into the moderation queue, hence the odd url. Once you know this and you ‘edit topic’, you can make it ‘open’ (as opposed to ‘pending’) and it’s published. After that the person can carry on without moderation, unless you change the settings in “Settings – Discussion – Before a comment appears”.

    The problem is that without the Moderation plugin, the administrator doesn’t know this has been put into the moderation queue, and the poster doesn’t know it either. As far as they are concerned they’ve posted a new topic but they can’t see it on the front-end. Meanwhile the keymaster/administrator gets an email saying a new topic has been published, with a link that’s not a proper bbpress slug.

    So the upshot is: if you want to moderate topics and replies, first check the WP backend Settings as described above. If you want notification that there’s a post in the moderation queue, install the Moderation plugin. It will also mark the posts as ‘awaiting moderation’, which is a nice touch.

    In the end we’ve turned off all moderation because we have a captcha on sign-up that appears to stop the spam.

    I’ve no doubt all of the above is clearly described in the user guide, but I never was any good at RTFM.

    Stephen Edgar


    @demonboy We are aware of this and hopefully we’ll have this in the next version of bbPress #2589



    That’s encouraging, Stephen. At least it’s not just me.

    Thanks for your continued efforts in supporting this fantastic plugin.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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