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Events plugin needed

  • At the moment, I’m actually hardcoding the information for an event page, into a php file. It’s not the best solution ever, I knows.

    I was hoping that someone here would want to code an events plugin.

    Basically this is what I would like it to have or what I have in mind:

    You browse to the section of the forums where it says “events”, you click create a new topic, then it will ask you to fill in the following fields:

    Name of event

    Date of event

    Name of place

    Address of place

    Bands (since I run a music website)

    Topic description

    The output of this will be as you can see in the screenshot.

    I hope you get a bit what I want as a plugin.

    I know I can’t ask for a plugin to be made working for my own website only, perhaps some section can be made optional (the band section, that could be custom?), apart from that, I think this plugin will be beneficial to a lot of users.

    I really need this plugin, if you like you can add me on your gtalk. is my email.

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  • grassrootspa


    Love this idea.

    I’d do this but I simply haven’t got the time. It’d be easy enough to store meta data if you added an action hook for ‘bb-post.php’ that got all the event-related form data from the post form and WP’s database handling makes storing it a breeze, so that wouldn’t be too hard. Throw in a ‘bb_head’ action hook to pull up data for a given topic (do a is_topic() check and check the forum ID, that’s floating around in a global variable iirc, probably $forum), load it into global variables and then let those be added in by the template. Main issue for me would be the testing and actually having to support something after I write it for once ;)

    Too bad.

    Just so you know, I’m not using WordPress. It’s just bbPress only.

    bbP’s database is essentially the same as WP’s ;) that’s how I can actually work out how to manipulate it most of the time. Basic functionality is the same, just different variables so you can get the table name for forums, etc. Give writing it a shot though, it’s not hard.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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