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Escaped content (in general) in TinyMCE Editor

  • Chuckie


    I created a new topic today:

    It is a private forum post. I used TinyMCE editor and it has:

    – Paragraphs
    – Table
    – Background colour
    – Code snippets
    – Heading 3

    I hit “Submit” and the topic looks good.

    I click “EDIT” and alot of all the underlaying HTML is stripped.

    So I hit BACK in my browser. I set the default editor as TEXT and then I clicked EDIT and this time the whole text showed in the TEXT editor.

    Why did the TinyMCE editor strip the content?

    I am using:

    – WordPress 5.3 (it uses TinyMCE 4.9.6 internally)
    – bbp Style Pack
    – TinyMCE ADvanced
    – Advanced TinyMCE Configuration

    I seem to recall I used to have the same problem in general in Wordress when editing posts that had code in them would show funny. I really don’t know enough about the mechanics of the whole system to know where to look or who to direct the issue towards.

    If anyone can replicate this problem or can direct me to a resolution I would be grateful. Thank you.

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  • Chuckie


    If you are interested, I ended up using EnlighterJS. It has a fantastic WordPress module that is compatible with bbPress and is fantastic. User support has been great via GitHub:

    Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter

    If you need to show code snippets in your forum then this should be the one to use – hands down.

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