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Error when posting or replying

  • 2fresh


    I’m starting to build a site using WP 4.5.3 and would like to create a bbpress forum in it.
    Have installed bbpress 2.5.9 and created my forum.

    My problem is, when I want to create a post or reply to one on the front-end, i receive an error message “ERREUR: Etes vous sur de vouloir faire ca ?” (In english : “ERROR: Are you sure you want to do that ?”) above the title of the post, and I cant confirm or anything else, just modify my post.
    I can create posts in the back-end though.

    I tried without any other extension than bbpress, and with twenty fourteen theme aswell as with the theme I want to use in the end.
    I can’t post a link to my site, as it is local only atm.
    I have seen some people having the same issue, but could’nt find a solution.

    Can anyone help with that ?

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