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Error opening forums

  • athensown


    Evening all.
    I get the following error trying to open any of our seven forums:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function suffusion_bbpress_content_class() in /nfs/c06/h06/mnt/154861/domains/ on line 18
    wp version 4.1.1
    bbPress version 2.5.6
    Current Theme is SuffusionChild

    So far, I deactivated all plugins except bbPress. No change
    I deactivated and reactivated bbPress. No change
    I reactivated all remaining plugins. No change

    Bundled themes or not is still greek to me. I think the SuffusionChild is the only theme on the site.
    Issue unchanged with twentythirteen, twentyfourteen, twentyfifteen, or suffusion. Well, now, I take that back, in previewing suffusion, I am able to open all the forums as long as I do it on the same tab. I get the error if I open a link in a new tab


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  • Robin W


    ok, the function that is being called is ‘suffusion_bbpress_content_class’ which tells us that this is a function created by the theme suffusion. bbpress functions start ‘bbp_’.

    You have put (intentionally or not) a file into your child them called


    which is an amendment of bbpress’s single-forum.php.

    After googling I found this post which seems to describe your issue and the resolution, which is to remove the bbpress files from your child theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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