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Error in migration between PHPBB and BBPress

  • israelclp


    Sorry for my English!

    I’m trying to migrate PHPBB 3.1.10 to BBPress, but to no avail. Always the same mistake. I would like your help if possible.

    Erro no banco de dados do WordPress: [Table ‘falco785_phpb1.phpbb_user’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT convert(user.uid USING “utf8mb4”) AS uid,convert(user.password USING “utf8mb4”) AS password,convert(user.username USING “utf8mb4”) AS username,convert( USING “utf8mb4”) AS email,convert(user.regdate USING “utf8mb4”) AS regdate,convert(user.realname USING “utf8mb4”) AS realname FROM phpbb_user AS user LIMIT 0, 100

    Thank you,

    Israel Pimentel.

    From Brazil.

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  • This is fixed for the upcoming bbPress 2, you can download bbPress 2.6 beta 2 and help us test it, bbPress 2.6 will be released really soon so it’s stable and we’re using it right here on and now 🙂




    First of all, thank you for your attention to my situation. I followed what I said above, but I encountered other problems.

    The import worked partially, several users were left with “imported_” in their names and emails.

    If a user with a username myname already exists then that user will be imported as imported_myname so that data is not overwritten.

    When you go to the users wp-admin dashboard if you select to delete a user when you select the imported_myname to delete you will be prompted to attribute the content to another user, you can then select the myname user and everything will be sorted, hopefully 🙂

    You’ll want to check and verify both before and after that the correct topics and replies are attributed to the correct users bother before and after doing the above.



    Thanks for the help, it went well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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