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ERROR : Are you sure you want to submit this post?

  • Are you sure you want to submit this post?

    What is this..why does it apear when I try to post came out suddenly of nowhere..what is the cause of this…how can I disable it..and normaly post something..without this confirmation page?

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  • c`mon..give some support..pls

    First off, it hasn’t even been on hour on a Saturday for a volunteer support forum! So what version of bbPress are you using? Did you recently install and plugins or upgrade your bbPress installation. Do you have a URL that we can take a look at?


    hey..thanks for looking at my is the forum ..its the latest version..I only have one plugin installed the <em>notification.php</em> ...thats all..I don`t know why these confirmation pages are apearing…

    I am registering a test account to try and see your error. Just waiting on the account creation email. When did the error start appearing? Did you make any changes to your template prior to it happening?


    well..i customized the Crystal template..but..I don`t know if when it was in the original form it functioned well.. :|

    Still have no register email. I will wait until I get it before I can post anything back.


    hmmm..log in with this account… test pass: test

    I see what you mean. Could you download bb-post.php and upload it again? As well, in your template did you edit any of the following files?




    nope..I didnt..Ive uploaded again again bb-post.php … and still nothing… I really dont know whats the deal..Ill back-up my curent theme..and Ill upload the default bbPress theme…to see what happens works..with the default template :(

    It has to be related to this post

    Make sure you post your solution when you compare your template versus the default!


    well..I found the was in post-form.php the one from the template…i restored the original one..from the default theme and its now Im analyzing the one with the bug to see what exactly caused the error..I`ll post the answer here..

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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