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error after uploading media for bbp_participant

  • atomicadam


    Hi – Sorry to drag up image uploading again, but I can’t seem to figure out my current issue.

    I have added the TinyMCE editor for the media upload button, and I have added $role->add_cap( ‘upload_files’ ); to the bbp_participant and my own member’ custom role type. But when files are being saved, after the upload from computer button is clicked, when one might normally see the ‘crunching’ text, I get a generic error “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

    I have checked the chmod on the uploads folder, the year, and month folders, even tried 777 on the wp-content folder. I have checked the current user roles and it does appear as a member and bbp_participate and upload_files is set to 1. But no luck.

    If I upload an image from the Admin user, no problems. So I’m pretty sure it is a role issue, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    Any help or suggestions greatly welcome.

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