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Error activation plugin

  • I am under EasyPhp 5.2.10 in localhost. When I want to activate a plugin, i have this message : “Your attempt to do this has failed. Please try again”.

    What is reason?

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  • chrishajer


    bbPress is not a plugin for WordPress. Is that where you installed it, as a WordPress plugin? It won’t work like that.

    No, i have installed WordPress then bbpress in a directory /forum. When I want to active a plugin of bbpress i have this message.

    That mean plugin is broken or don’t work with your bbPress version.

    I have WordPress 2.9 and bbPress 1.0.2

    Everything works well on the host’s server. It’s in localhost that the activation of the extensions is impossible.

    I have determined that this worked if I put the file of the plugin(ie unread-posts.php) directly in the “my-plugins” directory.

    If I put unread-posts.php in the “unread-posts” directory, this does not work.

    /forum/my-plugins/unread-posts.php work fine

    /forum/my-plugins/unread-posts/unread-posts.php does not work.



    Thanks for the additional information.

    If you’re using Windows locally, there was an old bug that was resolved, but I think there might be a new one. It had something to do with the slashes being forward or backward, and subdirectories.

    Maybe this one is more current:

    OT: Why would you use a testing environment that is different from where you are going to host? It introduces all sorts of other variables that you end up trying to fix that ultimately don’t matter on the final host. Whenever possible, the testing environment should be identical to the final host environment.

    But, I think the issue you are having is due to it being on Windows. I’ve seen it reported a couple times, I just can’t find the exact ticket I am recalling.

    OK, tested the nightgunner5’s patch and it works for me on Windows XP.

    Thank you very much chrishajer!

    “Why would you use a testing environment?”

    Because we are 2 developpers.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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