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Enqueue Ajax Script in BuddyPress Groups Forum

  • lucop1



    i’ve just installed buddypress 1.7 and bbpress 2.2.4.

    I created a custom theme for bbpress doing the following steps:
    1. create a folder bbpress inside wp-content/themes/mytheme/
    2. moved all the php files that were inside plugins/bbpress/templates/default
    3. moved the css file inside wp-content/themes/mytheme/css/

    after that

    I turned on the functionality to include the bbpress forum inside buddypress groups but I found and issue with the topic subscription and add to favorites.

    Because when i click on that link in the single topic view it open a blank page.
    I checked the bbp-function.php files stored in plugins/bbpress/templates/default and I found that it enqueue all the ajax function for the topic subscribe option and add to favorite options.

    But when I go the forum page inside BuddyPress Group and open the source code I don’t see any enqueue ajax files or functions.

    So what should I do to let it works?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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