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Encoding problem

  • Hello, my WP 2.2.1 installation has utf-8 encoding –

    define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

    But when I try to integrate WP and BBpress with the help of plugins (bbpress-latest-discussion-for-wp.0.9 and display-name.0.7.2) there are encoding problems.

    When I save a post with word “Administrátor” in WP 2.2 – to MySQL it is saved “Administrátor”, which is right. But when I save a topic with word “Administrátor” in BBpress – to MySQL it is saved like “Administr�tor” (or something else – but always wrong), but on forum it can be seen right like “Administrátor”. So, I think there are problems that WP 2.2 and BBpress uses different DB CHARSET (in WP 2.2 it is utf-8, but in BBpress it is something else – I think cp1250). Is it possible to change this somewhere in source files to work properly? Thank you very much for your help…

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  • I think you posted it on trac already? Which was the right place to post it. It might not be fixed immediately but it should be soon.

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