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Embedding bbpress forums into a static webpage using

  • Hello,

    I saw a somewhat similar post on here about integrating bbpress into wordpress pages, but what I want to do is relatively simpler than that.

    Basically all I want to do is to “embed” a given bbpress forum into a static webpage. I’d like to not have the top header and all of the navigational links appear, but I’ll take what I can get for now ; P

    Using the <php include> tag I was able to embed a forum into a webpage, but the problem is that the area I want to embed into is 500px wide. The bbpress forum is inside of that area but also spills out onto the rest of the page. The php include is being placed into a <div> area and I want the width fixed while the height changes based on how much content is inside it.

    My code looks like:

    <?php include(‘;); ?>

    I’m sure the best way to do what I want would be something like:

    <?php include(‘../forums/forum.php?id=12’/main_forum); ?>

    but I’m not too sure.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    Adam Lawton

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