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Embed integration in a non WP site

  • Hi, i’ve downloaded bbPress because i’m a lover of WordPress amb because i like bbPress very much. But now i’im in a big trouble.

    I want to integrate bbPress in an standard XHTML website with any line of WordPress code, and so i need to know how i can integrate it from the beggining of the process.

    Now i’ve just installed bbPress in a url rute like / but i need to be shown in a basic xthml document, like

    How can i do this?

    I think it’s possible, but can you help me?

    Regards guys from Mediterranean sea. ;)

    I’m waiting a good response form you as soon as you can, thanks guys. ;)

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  • H


    It’s possible, but I think it’s difficult (much work).

    What about making a template which looks the same as your XHTML document? (Featuring the same menus, navigation system etc. as your XHTML document). Then the bbPress forum looks like it’s integrated without being so. :-)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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