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Email Notifications not being sent

  • ddennison2016


    Hello, for some reason my site is not sending email notifications of new posts to users that have either “Subscribed” to a forum or checked the “notify me via email” option.

    I have confirmed that my server is supported for SMTP and have even installed the Easy WP SMTP plugin and verified that my site is indeed capable of sending emails.

    Info about my configuration:

    WP: 4.6.1
    Theme: Ultimatum

    Plugins (all up to date):
    bbP private groups
    bbP topic count
    bbPress – Private Replies
    bbPress – Report Content
    bbPress Protected Forums

    Check Email
    Easy WP SMTP
    fusionSpan | netFORUM Single Sign On
    FV bbPress Tweaks
    GD bbPress Attachments

    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    Login Logo
    OSD Social Media Sharing
    PDF Embedder
    PhpSword Favicon Manager
    Subscribe to Category
    Ultimatum Connect BBPress
    User Profile Picture

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  • Hi,
    If you confirm that WordPress is correctly sending out emails for other WordPress tasks, then it’s most probably one of the other plugins blocking something. Did you try to deactivate plugins like bbPress – Private Replies, bbPress – Report Content and bbPress Protected Forums ?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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