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  • haddly


    users signed up to our forum topics are not receiving email notifications when a new post is made. This does not seem to matter if it is a post to start a new topic or a post within an old topic. As this was working previously, can you tell me if BBpress is fixing this please?

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  • Hi, email sending issues are almost never an issue of bbPress, so I doubt there is anything to fix on the bbPress side.

    First things to note:

    • Spam filters tend to put emails into spam if your site is e.g. ‘’ but you have defi­ned your admin email (Settings > Gene­ral) as ‘admin@g­’
    • By default, you do NOT receive emails for your own topics/replies, only if some­body else replies on your subscri­bed topics

    Make sure you are subscri­bed:

    • To receive the email for new topics, make sure you are subscri­bed to the forum
    • To receive the email for new replies, make sure your are subscri­bed to the topic
    • Use tools like bbP Manage Subs­crip­tions to check and fix indi­vi­duals or run Topic Subs­cribe to fix in one go.

    Check that WordP­ress emails are working:

    • Make sure to check your spam/junk email
    • Do you correctly receive emails when new posts are publi­shed or any other emails from the site ? If not, try any plugin to check emails (https://word­

    bbPress v2.5.x email sending:

    In its current version, bbPress is sending out 1 message for every user subscribe to a forum or topic. This could be seen as spam­ming

    If all the above is fine, then it might be another plugin or a theme issue:

    • Deac­ti­vate all plugins except bbPress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.
    • If deac­ti­va­ting the plugins did not solve, as a test switch to a default theme such as twen­ty­fif­teen, and see if this fixes.




    HI , thanks for the prompt and detailed reply.
    1. The email is so this isnt the problem.
    2. I am subscribed personally to all forums. (also with a second email account)
    3. I receive other emails fine from our website.
    4. Most Important:
    I have 25 Plugins on my website. I have no problem deactivating one by one, but how do i do it so that i don’t potentially send out 25 test emails (because i will post something and see if i get an email) to all my forum users?



    I should also mention that i installed yesterday:
    “Reply subscribed”
    and “topic subscribe”.
    I am hoping they will help.



    Can I ask a second question:
    How does BBpress send emails. (need to tell my IT guy here at the company.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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