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Editor content not showing up as first reply when creating topic in wp-admin

  • vincebrown


    bbPress version : 2.5.9-6017.
    WP version : 4.5.2

    When creating a topic in the WordPress admin area, When I fill in the the the editor with some content for the initial reply/discussion of the topic nothing shows in the topic and it still displays there are 0 replies.

    Any one have any ideas on to why this would not be outputting ? anything in forum settings ?

    I have disabled all plugins and tried switching themes as well as create a new keymaster user with no luck.

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  • Hi,
    Just for testing, make sure your forum is ‘Public’.
    Do you see the topic in the backend, so under ‘Topics’ ? Is the status ‘open’ and is it correctly ‘published’ ?

    You might try to run the recalculation tools (one at a time) in ‘/wp-admin > Tools > Forums > Repair Forums’ to see if that helps after you have created a topic.




    Hey Pascal,
    I was able to figure out my problem, turns out the “lead topic” post was not showing I was able to take care of it by installing this plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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